April 23, 2012

Spring Has Sprung

I think Spring actually started at the beginning of March and really hasn't let's been so beautiful! My backyard is a work in progress and I am working, little by little, on making it a beautiful, peaceful space that can also double as a fun and carefree area for my boys. Hmmmm.... Does it sound impossible?? We'll see!
 The garden planted with some seeds, my experiment wit starting seeds in the milk jugs and some plants that came up from last year: strawberries, rhubarb, raspberries, chives, spinach

I'm going to try using the area I expanded again (in the foreground with straw on it to kill the weeds) for big stuff like squash and pumpkins.

Some of the landscaping that my friend, JoAnn, did for us last summer. I can't wait to fill it in more with plants. But they have to be somewhat hardy to take a beating from the boys running through it and balls bouncing around and the Cody dog tearing around the place. Any ideas on hardy "kid-proof" flowers or bushes? Maybe just a bunch of rocks and small boulders?!?!


  1. It's not really trample proof, but salvia has been doing great in our yard. Great pictures! :O) ~ Sara

  2. Hi Shari, things are looking good indeed. I love Spring too, all that new life.

    Maybe you could try some of the hardier shrubby plants like marjoram, or sage, they will take the odd knock or two and if you plant them with some protective boulders around then they are less likely to be flattened by rampaging boys or animals. It may also provide some shelter in the harshness of winter.